21 Minute Meditation – Master Shane (Healing Holistic Being)

Heal Thy Self. Heal Thy World. Master Shane and the 21 Minute Meditation. Healing Holistic Being Temple is a Meditation Center in Wisconsin presenting you this free meditation experience for the world to journey. Enjoy.

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This is the 21 Minute Meditation with Master Shane and Healing Holistic Being Temple.

Please use headphones for the duration of this audio/video meditation experience.

Read more about Healing Holistic Being Temple – Shane Speaks – About the Inner 21 Minute Meditation.


Words from the Source – Healing Holistic Being Temple – Shane Speaks – About the Inner 21 Minute Meditation

Once upon a time, Shane needed help. Growing up, it seemed as though most people had it together, direction and were happy. Inside seemed like a different story though for Shane at that time. There were certain people who really aided in his own direction in life and touched his heart. That is why he is here today sharing.

There were so many things going on inside that it can be very difficult to describe. Confusion seems to fit the picture well as it identifies without too much attachment. There were a lot of emotions going on in the house and through his experience of many different households, he knew that there were a lot going on in others as well.

He wanted to be happy yet, through life, so many emotions starting filling his life that clouded his decisions and the joy yearning to come out. He experienced many highs and lows, becoming more familiar with what was possible, more familiar with the limitlessness of possibilities rather than the limit-fullness conception that some had in their mind.

As we are all on our own healing journey of healing that inside of ourselves as we are truly whole, seek the truth inside of yourself without judgement.

Some people told him he could not do things and some people wondered what he could do. All are mirrors into the true nature of reality. The question is, am I listening? Am I paying attention? What have I learned through this so that I can grow through it?

Audios by Master Shane and Healing Holistic Being Temple

Shane the Healer
Breathing with Shane
Non Judgement Shane Space
Neutral Shane

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