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31 Day Challenge of Creativity

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Hello All! Welcome to the Creativity 31 Day Challenge

Thanks for being here with me today on this page. I am here to explain the 31 day challenge to change your life. Below is an explanation of the challenge directions.

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Each task for each day is chosen for you. Complete the task for the day and enhance your creativity. Use this energy to aid you in whatever you want to accomplish in life.

Creativity is inherently in each person. These experiences on each day of the 31 day challenge will inspire you to shift the energy in your life. Add art and fun into your life.

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Watch your life change before your eyes and have gratitude.

Save this webpage / URL for future use so you can easily navigate to this page and follow to conquer this challenge.

Please use these resources for more information on enhancing your creative inspiration:

The daily tasks in the 31 day challenge can be completed one time in the day or multiple times throughout the day. The tasks can be done for as long or as short of time you need and want. The daily tasks require a small amount of physical exertion with the inclusion of needed materials you can find around your own home or place of work/study. #StayHome

These tasks are easy for any age to complete in ease.

Tips for Maximum Creativity:

Check off the days

Do 1 Task a Day

Do Not Miss A Day – If you do start where you left

Proper Hydration with Water

Feel Sun on Your Skin

Create Your Space

You can purchase materials to complete some tasks here and some tasks do not need materials to complete.

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Follow along with the daily tasks for maximum creativity for the entirety of the 31 Day Challenge.

Day 1. Clap your hands

Day 2. Draw a heart

Day 3. Paint something yellow

Day 4. Drink 3 glasses of water (consciousnessly)

Day 5. Hug yourself for 60 seconds or longer

Day 6. Paint something red

Day 7. Draw five stars and more if you want more

Day 8. Write your name down on paper

Day 9. Walk on the heels of your foot for 30 seconds

Day 10. Give yourself a thumbs up

Day 11. Read something new

Day 12. Buy something for you that around $5.00

Day 13. Wear your hair differently

Day 14. Draw a smiley face

Day 15. Find a computer and watch a funny animal video

Day 16. Painting something blue

Day 17. Drink a cup of tea

Day 18. Write a haiku poem

Day 19. Write 3 haiku poems

Day 20. Write a love poem

Day 21. Smile to yourself in the mirror

Day 22. Read all your poems you wrote

Day 23. Draw a tree any tree you want

Day 24. Share something you love with someone

Day 25. Draw or paint waters and sky

Day 26. Research the origins of your name

Day 27. Wash your hands for 3 minutes or more

Day 28. Wear something red

Day 29. Put your hand on your heart

Day 30. Write a haiku poem

Day 31. Go for a walk at dusk

Poetry-and-inspiearion-time by Olivia Tatara
When you complete this 31 day challenge, comment down below how it changes your life. Feel free to share your thoughts as time goes on. Change begins each day with a little creativity. Be you! Do You!

Live each day.

Thanks again to all of you for reading this post! Share if it has helped you.

Olivia Tatara


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