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Here at TECH PR, we work with you to figure out a solution to whatever situation you may be facing. We offer computer technical assistance and business services to all of Puerto Rico and the world!

Private Consultant in Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico Business Consultant

Other Services We Offer:

Online Reputation Management

Professional / E-commerce Website Creation

Brand Foundation Building

Google Verification and Analytics for Business

Social Media Integration

Remote Virus Removal and Computer Speed Up

Employee Emotional Training

Tactical Business Protection Training for CEOs / Executives

Cryptocurrency Mastermind

and more

More About Private Business Consulting with Tech PR

Whether you are an individual with computer malfunctions or you are a business owner looking for marketing solutions, our high skilled and versatile team is able to assist you with ease and grace.

Your life is always easier with a fast computer and successful business. The internet is growing quick and you and your business should grow with it!

We offer our expertise at affordable prices to give you the aid you need. We can give you a strategic plan to aid you in whatever business you are currently in.

Consultations and Office Hours are by appointment only. Call directly for more information. Serious inquiries will be handled accordingly. Other inquires will be ignored.

Whatever online exposure your brand needs at this point in time, we can design a custom package to fit your needs. We work remotely due to COVID-19 so all consultations and meetings are over phone.

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