Fine art purple aura crown activation

Violet Aura Painting – Healing Artwork by Olivia Tatara

Allow this Energy Art Masterpiece to enlighten your crown chakra and beyond in beautiful #violet light. This was a joy to paint. I am working from the crown down to bring in that divine energy. Watch every aura painting and get your prints when you feel the energy hit. Crown: by Olivia Tatara View […]

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COVID-19 Support – Bring Yudi Home

On March 30th, life changed for Yudi… his wife Sarah, and their six young children when Yudi was hospitalized with COVID-19. Yudi’s situation quickly deteriorated, and after his lungs collapsed he was placed on ECMO, which artificially oxygenates the blood. Yudi is now one of the world’s longest hospitalized COVID-19 patients, spending nine weeks on […]

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Energetic-Self-Defense-Surya-Sol-SUn-Puerto-Rico-Energy-Healing Surya Sol SUn

Surya Sol Sun

Surya Sol Sun Tarot Card (Our Own System That No One Teaches) Reading, Energy Healing, Spiritual Consulting, Meditation, Acupressure, Life Coaching, Life Change Assistance, Private Martial Arts Instruction Website: Description: Surya Sol Sun is about unlocking life. We are opening our doors to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of self. We […]

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Puerto Rico Business Ads

Puerto Rico Negocio (Business) Ads That Give into Your Pocket Whether you are a new business, existing business, struggling, or doing okay and well, we cater to all businesses whether big or small. This post is to let you know about our amazing advertisement opportunities for you business sin Puerto Rico. and have […]

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