Eminem Takes a Knee at Super Bowl 2022

Standuotglobal.com Eminem Takes a Knee At Superbowl 2022

1. Eminem took a stand against the NFL by taking a knee during the Super Bowl 56 halftime show between the Rams and Bengals. Shortly after the rapper concluded his individual performance of “Lose Yourself,” he knelt to the ground.


2. How long did Eminem kneel?As rapper Eminem reached the end of his “Lose Yourself” solo during Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, he crouched down on one knee, lowered his head and covered it with one hand, holding the pose for about 45 seconds as the super-sized panels at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium zoomed in close.

3. Eminem taking a knee, as presumably a show of solidarity with Kaepernick, while performing in the Super Bowl, for the league that Blackballed him, in a concert likely orchestrated by someone many say backstabbed him, ain’t the “rebellious” act folks are making it seem to be. Eminem went ahead and took a knee anyway.

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