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Island Business in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Strategic Planning Technology Web Design

Are you business in Puerto Rico?

Are you thinking about creating a business in Puerto Rico?

Is your business doing well or can it be doing better?

These are placements where people categorize their own business.

Take a journey with us and understand that you need correct understanding and average marketing is not paying off for the prices that are out there.

Example: I am a business owner and I already did that marketing… it did not work.

Wrong answer. You didn’t do the marketing with us and you did not study our system.

So what can we offer you?

We can offer a simple yet complex understanding to your business. With our strategic think tank, we can see in-between the lines whether offering your staff emotional training, re-amping your store front, menu, or services, and much more.

Using our one of a kind approach to direct imaging that becomes your, we give you a direct image of your brand without infringing on copy write laws.

Branding for your business, whether in the beginning or in the long run, is very important to brand and also rebrand continuously with inside your business. Allow us to help and aid you.

Business Consultation is $169 per business.

Must be in the San Juan and surrounding areas of Puerto Rico. We offer in person, Skype, WhatsApp video, Facebook video calls for the session. This is a basic breakdown to see where your business is and allow our team to design and branding market that can change your environment to please your customers in all aspects of life.

Stand Out Global services offered:

Evaluation of Creation – starting at $75

Content Creation and Proofreading – starting at $80

Business Logo – starting at $99

Personal Web Design – starting at $250

Business Web Design – starting at $550

Advanced Trade Business Website – $5000 + maintenance fee

Advanced Real Estate Agent Marketing –  starting at $550

Non Profit Evaluation and Consultation – starting at $225

Business Documentaries – starting at $1500

Online Reputation Management – starting at $750

Contact us for more information on how we can aid your business!