Kathryn Tells Her Story to Help the World – Corruption in Virginia Court System

Virgnina Court System COrreuption athryn Getting Children Back

A Story Needing to be Told for the Sake of Families – A True Story in Virginia 2021, 2022, 2023

Warning! Some of the information on this page are possible psychological and emotional triggers. Please be advised and read on if you understand. Thank you for your cooperation. This is a true story that was dictated. We are neutral to the story but we are about justice, Law, and human right for all. This is a human rights situation that many go through that must be displayed.

By you reading this message you agree and understand that Tech PR and Stand out Global is not responsible for any legal or court action. We tell the story straight from the person. Kathryn tells her story and explains her current situation.

If you or you know anyone that can aid in this situation, please contact us regarding this article. We are asking anyone and everyone to give as much free aid as possible to help a family in need.

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Updated February 2022.

Kathryn Tells her Story:


I have started working on myself since I don’t have my children with going to counseling and doing some extra steps working with a mentor and meditating. I was still having a problem with my anger and hurt not knowing where it was coming from and I was always so drained no matter what I was always tired. It wasn’t untold I realized that I have been repressing a memory of when I was about the age of 13 that my father raped me. I don’t remember how many times or every detail I do remember hiding one time being so scared my knees to my chest and him walk up to me grabbing me by my feet as I was kicking and screaming for help before he did it. I remember him standing at the end of my bed telling me he wasn’t going to hurt me but we needed to talk after that. 

I have been able to become clear minded for the first time in my life since I have remembered and accept it. I’m not tired and drained, not depressed anymore, don’t suffer from anxiety which was so bad I wanted to kill myself I couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s been like night and day life a weight left off of me after being able to remember don’t get me wrong I’m still having to work on myself and I’m looking for a therapist that deals with trauma like this my counselor wasn’t experience in this and she wants me to get the help I deserve because she said I have been through so much trauma but I can live life again without wanting to die anymore. I can finally relax my mind and realize and understand where my anger and pain came from and finally forgive and let go. I do worry about my children who he has at this moment. My daughter is now the age I was when he did it to me. I am so concerned about their welfare and safety. I feel something may have already happened with the fact they are refusing and even breaking court orders to keep me from them. They won’t even let me talk to them on the phone and the few times they did they made sure they were on speaker phone right next to them so they could hear what my children were saying. Also why would they move and not give the address to me.

I filed show causes and we have court on 12/29 for them breaking the orders the judge told them in pretrial that they are breaking the law. They don’t care because there is something else going on they don’t want my children telling me. I’m so scared for my children if he did it to me he would do it to anyone he has to be stopped defiling children. Taking are innocence and kidnapping children by lying to the courts and filing false papers. I just want my children home safe so I can protect them and get them away from a unsafe, and dangerous man. If he has raped my daughter or son like he did me I need to get them the help they need so they don’t have years of psychological damage that will effect them in their daily life. I can change what has happened but I can make sure my dad never hurts another child again. I just want to save my babies and bring them home. I hate that I even asked him for help now that I remember what he did. I can not sit by and watch him destroy innocent children. This need to be investigated and my children need to be at home with their mom. 

Why I gave my dad the kids? 

I gave my dad the kids because I was out of work. I was staying with a friend that had people always coming and go out of her place. My car broke down and I had no vehicle. I was trying to over come so problems in my life I was dealing with. There was a lot of anger and hurt I had inside and didn’t even know why I was feeling very depressed and alone. I felt as if it would have been a better place for my children so I could get on my feet and try to over come what I was dealing with emotionally and mentally. I was thinking my children need to be in a more stable  environment for a few months until I wasn’t struggling financially, emotionally, and mentally. I was thinking I was doing the best thing for my children. Knowing that I was in no position to care for them. I was not dealing with my issues the way I should have been and reached out to my family for help. 

What the courts did and said.

My father and his wife went behind my back and filed for emergency custody. I was never notified of this court date. The courts granted them custody and said that the mother and father should have visitation as agreed to by parties on 11/15/2019. They refused to let me see or talk with my children so I took them back to court on 4/8/2021 that I locate reunification counseling for myself and my children. That I may have supervised visitation at a commercial agency. That parties may agree to tell phone calls with my children. That all parties give each party and courts notice of a move 30 days before. I have don’t everything the courts have asked me to do but the counseling with my children because in the state of VA you only can do reunification counseling is social services is involved. I have called about 20 different places nothing. They will not show up for supervised visitation. They moved and haven’t given me the address. As well as they won’t let me talk to them on the phone and they will not respond to my text or answer my phone calls about my children. I have even sent my own drug test to prove I’m not on drugs. 

At this point in time I do not have the necessary funds to do what is required. I am humbly requesting help from anyone that may feel inclined and is in a position to do so. this includes, but is not limited to (Lawyers, social workers, private investigators, law enforcement, counselors, detectives, or anyone willing to help that feel they could be of service.) I am not versed in law and do not have an understanding of the next steps needed for this matter. I am eternally grateful for everyone’s time and consideration in this matter. Thank you for reading this and hearing my story.

Please contact if you know anyone or you can aid in this situation. Thank you again and may this reach whoever it needs to. For court documents and updates on this situation, please contact.

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