Acupressure for pain relief in puerto rico

Rid pain in Puerto Rico for Tourists San Juan

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Rid pain in Puerto Rico for Tourists San Juan

Dear tourists and locals of Puerto Rico,

Life is an accumulation of a lot of emotions.

The way we act, sometimes we do not know why we do what we do. Allow us to help you bring an amazing balance to your understanding of why you are having a lot of aches and pains. This also aids towards emotional suffering. For those who are taking down this post, may you be well.

We would like you to embark on a journey into your inner self to aid and help you understand how you can relieve or even eliminate chronic issues. We are not doctors, but we do practice a system that has helped many.

This process can be done sitting, standing, basic chair seating. We are located in San Juan. We do offer couples and private parties to relieve stress and have a great experience on the island. If you would like use to do this on a beach or a more private setting, please contact us and we can make arrangements at an extra charge.

If you are with a loved one who has chronic pain, it would be suggested to try our system.

Learn more about our services.

Acupressure for wieght loss puerto rico acupressure, Rid Pain in Puerto Rico

Rid pain in Puerto Rico for Tourists San Juan

Some common benefits you can expect just after one of our Acupressure Treatments include:

· Relief from stress & tension

· A more relaxed body & mind

· Increased blood circulation

· A faster removal of toxins in the body

· An increase in energy levels

· Relief from head, neck, shoulder, foot, hand & back ache and

· An overall sense of well-being

We will teach you how to balance yourself, so you can balance everything naturally.

Prices vary depending on what is going on. If you have a very major condition you will need to have an advanced session.

All information is private and confidential.


First Session: $125

After First Session –

Single Sessions: $45-65

Advanced Sessions: $125

4 Advanced Sessions (Once a week for a month): $325

Contact us today!

Learn more about our Acupressure services.

For more information, please visit Aupressure Club PR (

Rid pain in Puerto Rico for Tourists San Juan