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Surya Sol Sun

Tarot Card (Our Own System That No One Teaches) Reading, Energy Healing, Spiritual Consulting, Meditation, Acupressure, Life Coaching, Life Change Assistance, Private Martial Arts Instruction


Description: Surya Sol Sun is about unlocking life. We are opening our doors to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of self. We do not go towards one religion or put anyone’s beliefs down. We teach law. Law is how we live and is apart of every thought, action, and reaction we experience in life. We offer advanced spiritual services for anyone who needs guidance.

We speak truth and we do not judge you for what you have been through or why you choose to seek help. We are about choosing to be healthy, happy and wealthy. We are about adjusting and changing our mentalities in order to bring union and harmony among everything. We live by universal law and teach others on how to harness and connect to the Source.

Phone: (787) 979-9938

Locations: Puerto Rico and United States



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